Trump Tries To Bury Mueller Report, Top Democrat Completely Blows His Cover

Trump is SCREWED.

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Donald Trump has been desperately trying to find ways to get himself out of the mess he’s created with all of his corrupt, illegal activity. As Special Counsel Robert Mueller continues to get closer to the president, Trump has been looking at ways that he could smack down and bury the Special Counsel’s report, which may be the only chance he has at getting away with his misdeeds.

Unfortunately for Trump, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has just blown up the president’s plans by threatening to subpoena Mueller’s report if Trump won’t release it. In a statement, Schiff said:

This is too big to be buried. This is of too great a consequence to the country to be swept under the rug. And so we will use whatever compulsion we can and must to make sure that the public gets the full story. ”

You can watch Schiff’s comments below:


America has never been more lucky to have hardworking Democrats that continue to keep Trump in check — because we all know that the Republican Party has completely failed to hold Trump accountable. No Democrat is going to allow Trump to hide and gloss over all of his potential crimes.

If you examine Trump’s public comments, it becomes increasingly clear that the president intends to make the Mueller report disappear in an effort to save himself. Considering that Trump now knows he can’t fire Mueller, his next best bet would be to let Mueller finish his report and then do everything he can to make sure no one sees it.

While the president may be used to his GOP buddies letting him do whatever the hell he wants, Democrats are not playing games with Trump. This statement by Schiff proves that the president is in big trouble once Mueller finishes his report.

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