Trump Thrashes With Fury After Discovering His New Chief Of Staff Insulted Him, WH In Crisis

Once again, Trump made a terrible decision.

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Donald Trump has practically JUST hired his new incoming chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, and it’s already looking like this might not last very long — or at the very least will be a nonstop source of drama for America.

It’s been reported by Axios that the morning after Defense Secretary Jim Mattis quit the Trump administration, Trump was raging about his new replacement for Chief of Staff John Kelly because apparently, the president had only just realized that Mulvaney had previously said some pretty bad things about him.

Trump and his imploding presidency are currently in an unstoppable downward spiral with the government shutdown looming ahead, backlash from his decision to withdraw troops from Syria, his Mueller investigations, and word of economic troubles. And on top of this, Trump is now “furious” because he just found out that Mulvaney has insulted him in 2016.


Trump has apparently discovered some old videos of Mulvaney, and it’s making the president lose his sh*t. Trump reportedly complained to one of his outside advisors, “Did you know [Mulvaney] called me ‘a terrible human being’” during his presidential campaign.

Mulvaney isn’t even settled into the White House yet, and it’s already looking like he’s going to have an extremely rocky relationship with the president (which is now the standard, as Trump hasn’t had a good relationship with most of his top administration members).

It’s hard to argue that Trump doesn’t deserve this, though. He has made major decisions flying by the seat of his pants, never consulting those who are smarter and more experienced than him (which is pretty much everyone), and refusing to do any research. He could have found out about Mulvaney’s comments about him very easily, but now he looks even more like an idiot for hiring people who have publicly opposed him.

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