Trump Tells Crowd At Rally He Wants To “Tone It Down,” What Follows Next Is Disturbing

This should make every American terrified.

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The hateful, divisive rhetoric that continues to be perpetuated by Donald Trump and his fanbase is one of the biggest dangers to our country right now. In just the last few days, we have seen several hate crimes take place, and it doesn’t look like this is going to stop anytime soon.

On the very day a shooter opened fire and killed 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue, Trump continued on with a scheduled rally in Illinois and only promoted more violence and attacks.

After making a short, pathetic statement on the deadly shooting (which was obviously scripted and forced upon him by his team), Trump completely perked up and said, “Let’s have a good time.” And what happened next should stay in every voter’s mind on November 6th. Trump said to his deranged fanbase:


If you don’t mind, I’m going to tone it down just a little bit. Is that okay?”

His followers shouted, “NOOOO!!!”

Trump said he had a “feeling” they might say that — and actually LAUGHED at the fact that the fanbase he created wanted more hate speech and attacks on critics. This is absolutely disgusting and must be condemned. You can watch this moment below:

This falls right in line with the comments that Trump made earlier in the day when reporters asked Trump if he planned to tone down his rhetoric at rallies following the increase in hate crimes before midterms. Trump said that instead of toning it down, he wanted to “tone it up.”

Americans really need to pay attention and think about the consequences of supporting the Republican Party in the midterm elections. The political climate that Trump and his minions are perpetuating is deadly and taking us away from our true American values. This country is becoming unrecognizable, and we need leadership that will save us.

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