Americans Disgusted With Trump After He Makes Several Horrifying Comments Following Terrifying Week In Our Country

He must have been dropped on his head as a child.

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To call Donald Trump “tone-deaf” is an understatement somewhere along the lines of saying the bottom of the ocean is “dark.” It’s just not even close to enough to describe how utterly oblivious he is to his insensitivity to anything or anyone other than himself and things that personally concern him.

The past week has been the perfect example, although he gave us a preview of the arrogance that would lead up to his behavior this week when he refused to cancel his rally in Erie, PA during Hurricane Michael — so convinced of his own importance that he still held a taxpayer-funded campaign event as people lost their homes.

Oh, he’s done that again already: The same day that white supremacist terrorist Robert Bowers shot up a synagogue on Shabbat in Pittsburgh, Trump hurried right along to another rally in Illinois to be worshipped by his adoring fans.


In fact, before he even GOT to Illinois, he stopped in Indiana for a Future Farmers of America conference, where he told the crowd he nearly canceled, not because of the horrible terrorist hate crime that struck at the heart of America that morning, but because his hair got messed up by the rain while he was talking to reporters about the shooting.

But if you think that’s insensitive, remember what he said during the pipe bomb terrorism America was just gripped by:

Do you know why I can embed that tweet, and don’t have to just quote what he said? Because it’s still up, because he doesn’t see what’s wrong with it.

And he’s not alone. If this GOP was ever thinking about making any gains in the midterms, perhaps they should have fired whatever social media manager is responsible for tweeting out “Under Republican leadership, America is booming like never before” — in the middle of a bomb scare.

These disgusting, garbage humans DO. NOT. CARE. How do I know? Because by last night, Trump was tweeting about the baseball game.

As always, though, we can count on the more level-headed among us (because God knows my own response would be NSFW) to gently let the President know that’s he’s kind of a dick:

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