Trump Takes Four Medications Every Day That Appear To Affect His Behavior

It's almost scarier this way.

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America (and the rest of the world) has long been worried about Donald Trump’s health — both mental and physical. The president’s unhealthy lifestyle has been widely documented — a daily routine of very little sleep, no exercise, and terrible eating habits. Without a doubt, the president’s deteriorating physical health makes him more prone to emotional outbursts and mental instability as cravings for fast food and Diet Coke start to kick in.

Trump’s “doctor” once reported that Trump is in great physical health, but a report from CheatSheet suggests otherwise. Trump is on four medications every single day, which are being used to battle the harmful effects of the president’s lifestyle and his refusal to take care of himself. Here’s a rundown of those medications and what they mean.

  • Rosuvastatin: Trump takes Rosuvastatin daily, which regulates cholesterol — this protects him from having a heart attack after eating a steady diet of greasy food. Having high cholesterol puts Trump at risk for a heart attack or stroke, and since Trump is not willing to adopt a healthier diet, he’ll pop a pill every day.
  •  Rosacea antibiotic: While Trump’s orange skin has been the butt of many jokes, the president does actually have a skin condition that causes the skin on his face to get red. That condition is called Rosacea and it’s triggered by things like alcohol, sunlight, and blood pressure meds. Trump takes an antibiotic to control the inflammation in his skin, but taking this pill daily is not healthy. Doctors tell their patients only to take antibiotics as needed, which is not what Trump is doing.
  • Baby aspirin: This is another medication that Trump takes to protect his heart. While baby aspirin is promoted because it safeguards against dangerous blood clots, taking it too much could actually result in stomach ulcers or brain bleeds. Considering the fact that Trump is largely inactive and has a horrible diet, this might not be a good medication for him to take.
  • Propecia: This is perhaps the most puzzling of pills that Trump takes — because it’s for his hair. Propecia is a pill that reduces the hormone DHT. Reduced DHT levels increases hair regrowth and slows balding — which explains why Trump has so much hair for a 70-something-year-old.

While the president does not seem to be concerned at all about his health, he really should be. Maybe if Trump was in a better place physically, we would see some improvement on the mental side.


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