Trump Stuns Audience At Jewish Republican Coalition, Makes Offensive Anti-Semitic Remarks

This is just disgusting.

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Donald Trump has been known to repeatedly share anti-Semitic content on his Twitter account and has been blasted for it extensively in the past. And yet the president still has not educated himself or learned to tone if down, fully aware that his bigotry and offensive comments are exactly what his fan base wants.

Trump made a disgustingly offensive remark during a speech held by the Jewish Republican Coalition earlier today, where he told his audience that Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is their prime minister. Considering that it’s a common anti-Semitic trope, it was something that Trump should have known would be completely inappropriate to say – and yet he went there.

Trump said this while commenting on a White House meeting he’d had with Netanyahu, where he made the decision to impulsively “recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.” Trump said he “stood with your prime minister.” In stating this, Trump implied “dual loyalty”, that American Jews are loyal to Israel and the United States. You can watch the video below:


Here are just some of the reactions to that:

I certainly hope that the GOP is going to denounce these remarks and save at least some of their dignity.

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