Obama Takes A Jab At Trump During Speech In Berlin, Audience Erupts In Laughter

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President Donald absolutely loathes his predecessor Barack Obama — and he hasn’t been quiet about it. It’s no huge secret that Obama won’t be inviting Trump to tea himself, but he has always had a greater air of dignity about himself than Donald ever thought of. However, every once in a while, even Obama likes to stir up a good giggle at the expense of the Toddler in Chief.

While addressing an audience in Berlin today, former president Obama roused laughter from the crowd after making an indirect jab at Donald Trump.

Obama was asked about his practice of mindfulness during the event and used the opportunity to joke that there are certainly some others in Washington that would be well served by taking up the habit.


“I definitely think that there’s some politicians who could use some meditation,” Obama quipped. “There is no doubt about that. I can think of a few who, you know, [should] just sit there for a little bit and — reflect. Find some inner peace.”

The former president was in Berlin for an event that was sponsored by The Obama Foundation where he was set to “engage young leaders from around the world in a conversation about the importance of community leadership and civic engagement.” — one of his biggest suggestions to the young leaders being that they shouldn’t create a “circular firing squad,” referencing disputes between progressives and liberals.

Obama generally keeps things pretty quiet these days, aside from a brief role in Democratic campaigning. However, the former POTUS has always maintained strong and friendly relationships with European countries — boasting fairly high popularity ratings during his terms whereas Trump has consistently low approval ratings according to Pew Research Center.

You can see Obama’s joke here:

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