Trump Signs Executive Order In The Dead Of Night To Freeze Federal Workers’ Pay In 2019

This is unbelievable.

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Like an evil anti-Santa, Donald Trump found a bag full of the worst presents he could possibly give America this Christmas — shutdowns and stock crashes and soybeans, oh my! — but it looks like he’s really working on stretching it out into the full twelve days of Christmas. Technically, today is supposed to be for the fiiiiiive golden riiiings, but instead, the anti-Santa handed out a big fat pay freeze for federal workers via executive order overnight, ending the one thing that many people had to look forward to in January.

The President claims that the freeze is intended to “maintain fiscal responsibility” in federal spending, which gets a big disgusted laugh nationwide, as America grapples with the staggering debt that the largest tax break for millionaires in more than a decade laid on our national coffers.

What makes it even harder to swallow is the fact that the increase was only 2.1 percent, which means that a federal worker who earns fifty grand a year would get a measly thousand bucks extra for the whole year — while Trump’s proposed military budget, already the largest both in the world and in the history of the United States, would increase by a full fifteen percent. Even adjusted for inflation, the current military budget is already higher than during the peak of the Reagan buildup, and we face no threats at home like we at least thought we did back in the mid-80s.


So why can Trump increase the federal deficit by more than a trillion dollars on the backs of taxpayers, increase the military budget by an obscene and unnecessary amount, and still complain about increasing the budget for paying federal civilian employees from $330 billion to $337 billion?

Simple: As evidenced by his heartless tweets about the children who have died in Border Patrol custody and how it’s “too bad” that the government “has to” be shut down in order for him to extort money for a border wall, it’s now clear that Donald Trump possesses neither a heart nor a soul.

Like a coward, Trump did this in the middle of the night, and that’s a perfect metaphor for his entire presidency.

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