Trump Sets Major Record, Republicans Hope Americans Never Find Out

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Donald Trump loves to brag about all of his accomplishments (even when he’s taking credit for things he DID NOT do), and loves being the “first” and the “best.” Well, Trump has achieved a major milestone and broken another record and not surprisingly, it’s about something no one in the Republican Party will ever be bragging about. In fact, they’ll probably do everything they can to bury this.

Trump is the first president to completely fail in winning over the majority of Americans during his term. This was reported by the New York Times after an analysis of Gallup polls. Considering that Gallup polls started approximately 75 years ago, this is a pretty epic failure on the president’s part, as he has never been able to get his approval rating higher than 45 percent.

On a regular basis, the president’s approval rating tends to fluctuate between 35 and 45 percent, and the White House has given a pathetic excuse for Trump’s inability to raise it. The Trump  campaign’s communications director, Tim Murtaugh, argued that the president has tried to win over Americans outside his dwindling fan base:


The idea that we’re strictly preaching to the converted is not true. We look at the 2016 map and we intend to win where the president won the last time and we also think that we can expand the map and attract new voters and new supporters in states across the country. There are two main differences this time between 2016 and 2020 — the first being that he’s now the incumbent president and the second is that he has a clear record of accomplishment that he can run on.”

He also said:

They don’t vote year in and year out. President Trump is not a typical politician by any means so a lot of these states that we talk about, they are not necessarily Republican states, they are Trump states.”

The Trump campaign and administration can say all they want, but the truth is what it is. Trump was never wanted in the first place, and he has failed to become a president that this country could trust or believe in despite promising to be bipartisan. That is his fault and his fault alone.

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