Ted Cruz Posts Cringeworthy Tweet About Notre Dame, Internet Destroys Him: “You Are Pure Evil”

What is with this guy?!

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The world’s heart broke this week as the beloved Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris went up in flames. While some of the structure was saved, the damage was extensive — leaving the whole world to mourn the loss as the French took to the streets to join in hymns as they watched it burn.

The tragedy has invoked comments, thoughts, and prayers from many around the world as well as some pretty hefty donations to assist with rebuilding the cathedral.

A large donation of funds came from Disney with a pledge for $5 million. It’s an astounding gift from the company, but Senator Ted Cruz just couldn’t keep his big bird nose out of it — sending out a bizarre and inconsiderate tweet in response to the contribution, one that he was quickly dragged for.


Cruz called the donation “wonderful” but followed it up with, “Will we see Disney princesses in the new stained glass?”

The Twitter-sphere was quick to give the Texan senator the what for over his stupidity:

There’s not many left these days that have much love for Ted Cruz — which is maybe why he’s the subject of so many Zodiac Killer conspiracy theories — and him tweeting bullshit like this in the wake of such a global tragedy isn’t helping his case. You’re creepy enough without all the tweeting, Ted.

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