Trump Said He Would “Only Hire The Best” But He’s Broken The Record For Most Turnovers In History

Oh, another lie you say?

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Trump spent a good portion of his 2016 campaign claiming that should he become president he would “only hire the best people” to fill his cabinet inside the White House, even telling the Washington Post in 2015, “I’m going to surround myself only with the best and most serious people. We want top of the line professionals.”

In fact, he even spent a lot of his time as a candidate campaigning to his base by disparaging the people appointed to positions within the administration of his predecessor, Barack Obama — capitalizing on his claims of being a “businessman” so therefore he would be putting together a team chock full of the best of the best, hand-picked by him to solves all of the country’s woes.

“I want the great negotiators negotiating our deals, I don’t want these nice people that got there because they gave political contributions,” Trump continued to spew during campaign rallies and interviews with the media during his pre-presidential days.


But lo and behold, this claim of Donald’s can be stashed away with that of a border wall that Mexico will pay for and a complete revamping of health insurance — nothing more than a big, fat line of bullshit.

It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that door of Trump’s administration has been a revolving one — revolving so quickly, in fact, that the White House no longer needs air conditioning as the breeze from all of the outgoing officials keeps it nice and cool in there.

Every time you turn around someone is on their way out of that circus. But perhaps, like me, you never truly realized how bad his ability to keep an employee really is — until now.

According to a new study from Brookings Institution, Trump has seen the highest turnover rate of administration officials within his cabinet of any president that has served a four-year term in the history of this country — and he’s not even quite three years into his yet.

The study found that 51 of the top 65 positions within the Executive Branch of government has seen a turnover since Trump took office in 2017 — a staggering rate of 78 percent — with 16 of said positions switching hands twice now.

The study’s author was absolutely flabbergasted at these numbers, telling NBC News, “It’s historic, it’s unprecedented, it’s off the charts. I’ve never seen this kind of turnover before.”

She went on to place the blame for the historical study at the feet of Trump himself, stating she had “never seen a chief executive who fires staff more frequently and more publicly than President Trump.”

Despite the fact that Trump is so desperate for employees that he’s hosting a mid-administration job fair and has radically reduced the vetting process in an attempt to get an keep employees, he continues to tout the false claim that his administration has “tremendous stability.”

Almost as stable as his relationships with foreign countries.

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