Mitch McConnell Was Heckled Out Of Restaurant By Protesters Twice In Two Days

How'd that turn out for ya, 'Grim Reaper?'

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Senate Majority Leader and self-proclaimed “Grim Reaper” Mitch McConnell is not a beloved person. Even in his home state of Kentucky where he buckles down to destroy things on a more local, personal level as the state’s senator, folks just don’t have any love left for the guy.

In the past few years, he’s gone from your run of the mill shitty Republican to a Donald Trump sycophant of epic proportions — his only concern in his position in Congress doing the bidding of this nation’s most corrupt president in history.

While Mitch has certainly found himself subjected to a multitude of protests all across the country, the folks in his home town of Louisville, Kentucky always like to give their demonstrations that little bit of extra oomph, just to ensure that he knows — Kentucky is no safe space for him anymore.


And he’s known that massive demonstrations against him were coming since last year when ol’ Moscow Mitch was run out of an eatery in his hometown of Louisville not once, but twice, in just as many days.

During a weekend back home in July of last year, Mitch attempted to sit down for a lunch only to be chased out of the establishment by a gaggle of protesters shouting “Vote him out!” “Abolish ICE!” and “Go home!”

The bartender of the eatery next door to the one Mitch attempted to visit saw the protesters coming and kindly offered up the use of his speaker system to play Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” as the Senator walked in.

A group of around ten demonstrators followed the Senator into the restaurant, one of which had a megaphone. According to reports from the Courrier Journal, the staff at the restaurant wanted to serve Mitch and attempted to make the protesters leave, but it was ultimately McConnell that departed the establishment surrounded by bodyguards.

But that wasn’t where Moscow Mitch’s troubles ended that weekend. McConnell attempted to have dinner Sunday night in the same town, only to be met by throngs of people that hate his guts once again. While attempting to get inside of the eatery, McConnell was followed by demonstrators who were blasting “Fight the Power” once again and chanting “no justice, no peace” — once again forcing the Senator to abandon his meal plans.

There’s really nowhere safe for you to go anymore, Mitchy Mitch. They hate you everywhere. But don’t worry. Soon your dictator will be out on his ass after a shameful impeachment and you’ll be voted out. It’ll all be okay soon.

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