Trump Ruins Important Photo Op By Abruptly Running Away, Heard Begging Staff “Get Me Out Of Here”

This footage is just insane!

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It is unfathomable that we still have to make the argument that Donald Trump is not fit to lead this country and perform on the world stage, but since the Republican Party won’t take Trump’s declining mental and physical health seriously, here we are. It’s not enough that Trump displays erratic mental instability and an incompetence that no one in charge of leading a country should possess — the GOP has turned a blind eye to all of that. But after Trump’s performance at the G20 summit a little while ago, it’s hard to ignore that something is seriously wrong and Trump is now unable to perform basic tasks.

In video footage that will haunt Trump and the GOP, Trump was recorded ruining a photo op at the end of the G20 summit in Argentina. Trump had been scheduled to pose for final photos and was shaking hands with Argentinian president Mauricio Macri when he suddenly power-walked himself off the stage. In the video, Macri tried to stop him and stretched out his hand, but Trump had booked it.

The Argentinian president was left on the huge stage alone and looked extremely confused by Trump’s behavior as an aide tried to run after the U.S. president and bring him back onto the stage.


This is embarrassing enough, but it gets worse. Once he got off stage, Trump was recorded off camera begging an aide to “get me out of here.” After some coaxing, the president reluctantly returned to the stage to pose for group photos with other world leaders, but the spectacle Trump made baffled everyone. You can view the footage and audio below:

Trump’s actions aren’t just humiliating — they are extremely concerning. The president seems to be breaking down and not even aware of what is going on around him. He is unfit for the presidency and should be focusing on his health instead of trying to play POTUS.

Featured image via screen capture

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