MSNBC Breaks Into Live Senate Hearing To Fact Check Lindsey Graham’s Lies

They're tired of the lies!

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The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing today to receive further testimony from Attorney General Bill Barr in the wake of the leaked letter that Special Counsel Robert Mueller sent to the Attorney General condemning his 4-page summary of the Russia report as misleading to the American people.

Staunch Trump supporter — and unfortunately, Chair of the Committee — Senator Lindsey Graham is present at the hearing to give remarks on the current situation at hand. MSNBC is streaming live coverage of Barr’s hearing and made an unprecedented move to interrupt the live feed during Graham’s opening statement to call the Senator out on his blatant lies to Congress.

In his opening remarks to the Committee Graham stated that “Mueller and his team concluded there was no collusion.”


It was at that point that MSNBC News anchors Brian Williams and Nicole Wallace broke into the live coverage.

“We’re reluctant to do this and we rarely do, but the chairman of the Judiciary Committee just said that Mueller found there was no collusion,” Williams stated as he spoke over Graham’s remarks. “That is not correct. Nicole Wallace, the report says collusion is not a thing they considered. It doesn’t exist in federal code.”

“What is stunning is that Lindsey Graham is offering answers to questions that are not on the table today. The question on the table today, after the reporting last night, is why did Barr mischaracterize what was actually in the Mueller report,” Nicole Wallace added.

“I’m sorry Lindsey Graham, but your defensiveness is showing. To talk about everything that went into it and in the next breath, distort it, is a stunning, stunning mischaracterization of what the whole exercise is supposed to be about. He is sitting there today, not as the chairman of the Judiciary Committee but a human shield for Donald Trump. And it would appear, William Barr.”

It’s unusual for a news network to interrupt an important live stream such as this, but lately, it seems that desperate times call for desperate measures. The fact of the matter is, the entire Trump administration is going on record and committing perjury to assist in the president’s cover-up. And it’s far past time for someone to speak up about it.

You can watch the video here:

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