Trump Reveals His Plans For The Day Mueller Testifies, Proves He’s Terrified

He is beginning to get very desperate.

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Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller recently received a subpoena from the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, and because he’s not a piece of shit with a blatant disregard for the law and the Trump name for a shield, Mueller will be honoring that subpoena and testifying before Congress on July 17th. Donald Trump is, correspondingly, freaking the fuck out.

Up until now, virtually everyone that’s been subpoenaed by the committee has been a current or past part of the Trump administration. And as such, Donald and the White House have directed these witnesses to simply ignore these congressional subpoenas altogether, completely disregarding the law, or they have demanded to send them into the lion’s den armed with a White House attorney that won’t actually allow them to answer any of their questions — ultimately letting Donald Trump live to blight another day.

However, Trump isn’t going to be able to swing that shady shit with Robert Mueller. The man actually has some respect for the law that he upholds. And it’s throwing Donald into an absolute tailspin.


Trump has already taken to Twitter in an attempt to beseech the former Special Counsel who orchestrated the 2-year long Russia investigation to not say any more to Congress than what has already been revealed in the heavily-redacted version of his 448-page report. Because, of course, Trump was able to pull enough strings that all of the truly damning evidence is hidden behind large, black boxes.

But evidently, Trump’s desperate pleas have done nothing to quell his anxiety over the impending testimony. So now it seems he’s resorting to good old fashioned distraction techniques — with plans to hold a big ol’ MAGA rally on the same day that Mueller appears in front of Congress, no doubt in hopes that the public will pay more attention to his racist, hateful display than they will the testimony that could be the final nail in the Trump coffin.

We have no doubt that Donald will spend a good portion of this rally firing up his base against the former Special Counsel. But we suspect he will have no luck in distracting the public from the contents of this testimony. We have been waiting with bated breath for this. And I promise you, we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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