Trump Reportedly Was Distracted By Buzzing House Flies During CIA Director’s Briefing

To be a fly on the wall in that room...

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Evidently, Trump’s behavior isn’t only reminiscent of a toddler’s on his Twitter account. According to CIA director Gina Haspel, along with dozens of other administration officials, Trump’s attention is hard to gain and hold even from an executive standpoint.

The New York Times reported that even though Haspel utilizes her skills as a spy during meetings with the president — complete with pictures and heavy emotional appeal — the president often still ends up as distracted as a 3-year-old in the grocery store.

CIA officials have some pretty strict rules when it comes to interacting with their coworkers or other U.S officials. They are forbidden from using their specially honed recruiting abilities on them. However, Haspel’s friends and colleagues deny that she has manipulated the president in any way.


Instead, she reportedly relies heavily on her personal, natural skills and charms in an attempt to get POTUS to listen to her proposals and briefings and try to protect her agency as well as the nation, even though he has publicly attacked the CIA countless times.

A briefing that Haspel attempted to conduct with Trump early on in her tenure is a prime example of the struggle she and many other administration officials have experienced when trying to have a serious conversation with the president. While trying to brief POTUS, Haspel noticed that she could not hold his attention because he kept becoming heavily distracted by houseflies that were buzzing around the Oval Office.

According to two officials that are familiar with the situation, instead of focusing on the important intelligence briefing, Trump just continued to become increasingly angry at the houseflies in the room — leaving the entire meeting a pretty big bust and leaving Haspel quite irritated.

Don’t worry though, Haspel came up with a solution by sending Trump a supply of flypaper to avoid any further similar incidents. If that’s not the queen of clap-backs, we don’t know what is.

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