Trump Reacts To Robert Kraft’s Arrest, His Response Is The Worst Thing You’ll See Today

No president should say this.

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Today, news broke that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was being charged for solicitation of a prostitute. Everyone has been shocked by this news and is practically speechless, but unfortunately, there’s one person who had something to say about it — Donald Trump. And when you realize what he said, you’ll wish he’d just kept his mouth closed.

Earlier today during a press pool session, the president reacted to the news and stated that it was “very sad,” while also reminding America that Kraft has denied the charges — which is very similar to how the president has defended Russian President Vladimir Putin in the past!


Trump said:

Surprised to see it. He has denied it.”

It should be noted that there is actual video evidence of Kraft’s encounters, and yet the president is trying to pretend this man is innocent. This would hardly be the first time the president has defended a man who has hurt women, so perhaps we really shouldn’t be surprised. Here are some of the furious reactions on social media:

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