Trump Publicly Attacked Americans Who Protested Against Him Like The Coward He Is; Nation Lets Him Have It

Just when you thought he couldn't get any worse.

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It’s no secret that Donald Trump is a big, fat lying liar. You combine that with his complete inability to accept criticism, his flagrant racism, and refusal to hold himself accountable for his own actions and it makes for some pretty interesting and sometimes downright sickening situations. Even when it’s painfully and inarguably obvious that he’s wrong, he lied, or he’s just being flat-out awful — Trump remains the king of ignorance by simply pretending like nothing ever happened.

Donald made the entire nation painfully aware of his insecurities and gaslighting tactics back in October — when he made an unjustified and inappropriate visit to Pittsburg after a massacre inside Tree of Life synagogue that left 11 dead. Trump knew good and well that the streets were full of protesters that were demonstrating against the shooting as well as Trump himself — there’s no way he didn’t know, considering his motorcade was turned back due to the volume of people. But instead of issuing a dignified response or even just keep his mouth shut, Trump did what Trump does best — told a big, fat lie.

From what we can tell, Trump was never even allowed inside the temple. Yet, in true Trump fashion, he still found a way to spew out a crock of bullshit and make the entire situation all about himself — how loved the president is, and demeaning the protesters by calling the groups “small” and painting them as insignificant. Even though there is literally footage of the protests, which were anything but small, and even footage of his motorcade being forced to turn around because of them.


Trump’s goal has always been and always will be to erase the existence and memory of anyone and anything that doesn’t exalt him — including thousands of human beings in the throes of grief, taking to the streets to denounce our sorry excuse for a leader marching to keep him away long enough to bury and mourn their dead — people who have lost their lives at the hands of the racism and hate that Donald Trump perpetuates.

Donald can take to Twitter and Fox News to spout lies and attempt to secure the rose-colored glasses over our collective eyes. But people just like you saw in Pittsburgh — they’re everywhere Donnie. They’re everywhere, and they’re coming for you.

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