Trump Boasts About Building Border Wall During Live Speech, Audience Starts Laughing

It should hurt to be this dumb.

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Let me paint a picture for you, just kind of a break in the middle of the day, of something that I like to call “SAD and Sadder.” It’s actually a kind of thought exercise you can do when you catch yourself getting wound up about Donald Trump and all the damage he’s done — and is doing right now — to America.

I’ll give you an example. Late last year, Don Junior posted a thing he thought was funny (it wasn’t) on Instagram about incoming Congresswoman Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, and that was SAD, as his dad might say. But then when she clapped back at him for being an idiot, he played the victim and pretended like she was threatening him, and that falls under “Sadder”:


Or like when Trump tweets about how there’s NO COLLUSION and that the Mueller investigation was a TOTAL WITCH HUNT — that’s sad. But then when he tweets like an absolute maniac because he realizes that everything is coming down around him because you can’t just deny your way out of having committed a crime, that’s even sadder.

You see this stuff all the time — you start to go, “Hey, where do these assholes get off?” And then you get to watch as they humiliate themselves. Maybe the best example I’ve seen lately, though, is Trump’s speech in front of hundreds of law enforcement agents at a gathering in Missouri.

First, he ran out of nice things to say to them, so he started talking about himself. That’s pretty sad. And then he broke out his old routine about the wall he wants to build along the border, which is also pretty sad, but still not as bad as it gets for Donald today.

As he gets himself all riled up about how much money he’s going to save America and how well this wall is going to work, he gets a pretty unexpected reaction from the crowd, and the fact that he doesn’t get it is almost sad enough to make you actually feel a little bit bad for Donald Trump, the way you might feel if you saw a drunk guy pick a fight with a cop.

You know, we’re talking about a wall for 20 billion, 15 billion… I could even do it cheaper — if I have to. And it’ll be better than anybody’s ever seen a wall.”

Well, let’s just stop there. I might start to actually feel for this idiot if I watch this clip enough times:

Being laughed at by the one group of people you’ve been sucking up to for two years?

Well, that’s the saddest of all.

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