Trump Posts Barrage Of Tweets, Shares Propaganda Videos From Sean Hannity’s Show

This is what guilty people do.

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Donald Trump is obviously terrified of what Robert Mueller might say during his upcoming testimony before Congress, recently delayed so that Democrats could negotiate for greater time with the former special counsel, up from 2 hours to 3.

Overnight on Friday and well into Saturday, Trump went on a veritable Twitter tirade, retweeting messages from various sources — all supporters of his — claiming that the Mueller investigation was illegitimate, that it was biased, that it never should have taken place, and that a “real” investigation would actually uncover malfeasance and crimes by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the intelligence community, and Democrats.

Right-wing “watchdog” group Judicial Watch got a lot of love from the President, with twelve retweets of the organization itself and one of Tom Fitton, the founder of Judicial Watch. JW is dedicated to promoting false ideas about the President and spreading lies about the political left.


Then Trump tweeted about a special that took place on Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s program — a panel that included Gregg Jarrett, “Judge” Jeanine Pirro, and even Carter Page, the Trump Campaign foreign policy advisor that was the focus of the original warrants that kicked off the investigation of the campaign’s ties to Russian intelligence, government, and even organized crime.

The assembled panel suggested variously that not only was it illegal for Democrats to even bring the special counsel in for questioning but that in reality, it would afford Republicans an opportunity to press Mueller for answers to questions of their own, including about the origins of the Russia probe, which many Trump fans and the President himself are convinced was based on “abuse” of the warrant system of the FISA courts which issues them for surveillance.

No matter what airs Trump puts on, it is more than obvious that his focus is single-minded: He is worried about the Mueller testimony.

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