Trump Pleads With Supporters To Take Rigged Poll That Says He’s Better Than Obama

The only word for this is PATHETIC.

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I feel like there are certain words I tend to overuse when I’m writing about Donald Trump, but perhaps none more than “pathetic.” Whatever the psychology behind it is for me, I suppose that’s just the one that springs to mind most readily. And as much as I hate to sound like a broken record or anything, I can’t help but arrive at that same descriptor today, after reading Trump’s Friday email to his supporters.

It’s not written by him personally, of course — it’s a mass mailer for folks that signed up for his mailing list for the 2020 campaign, dupes who’d rather give money to a man who intends to take even more money from them if he’s reelected, just as he did with the 2017 GOP tax scam.

But he signs off on them, and for that reason, for this mailer, Trump gets filed under P for pathetic one more time in the annals of DC Tribune, this time because he’s begging like a junkie on a street corner for his fans to tell him he’s bigger and better than his predecessor, Barack Obama.


Imagine, if you will, this email had come from Obama himself, and been about his predecessor, George W. Bush:

It’s no secret that Obama’s presidency was a disaster. Please take our Official Trump vs. Obama Poll and let us know who you think is the better President.”

And then imagine that the email linked to the poll he was asking you to take, and it had questions like, “Who do you believe puts AMERICA FIRST when making every decision?” and “Who do you believe will NEVER allow America to turn into a SOCIALIST Nation?”

Republicans would lose their collective minds. The instant the email was sent out, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and the entire cast of Fox & Friends would begin work on the scripts for their shows the following day, which would be hour after hour of coverage of how pathetic the President is, how insecure and childish — what an absolute buffoon he looked like.

Doubling the insanity of this poll, which is a totally real thing, in case you hadn’t clicked that link yet, is the fact that all of the questions are asked as though Obama could still do any of the things Trump is scare-mongering about. I would feel silly if I didn’t at this point mention that Obama is retired and in no way connected to any government activity any longer.

The thing is, you don’t have to imagine it, because it never would have happened. Because even though Trump wants you to compare him to Obama, there’s a reason the link was included only in an email meant strictly for people he knows already like him — he just wants to hear it from his fans.

I couldn’t help but take the poll myself:

If anyone actually compared the two, the best he could hope for is that he’s about an inch taller.

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