Trump Orders His Staff To Boycott White House Correspondents’ Dinner Or Else

When did this turn into a dictatorship?

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Donald Trump hasn’t shown his smug face at a White House Correspondents Dinner since the day he took office — breaking a long-standing presidential tradition — which is funny, considering he had no problem showing up when he wasn’t ruining our country. But, Donald does have a serious issue with accountability and certainly doesn’t want to be subjected to the ire he knows he’ll receive, so what can you do?

Trump has already made a point to announce that he wouldn’t be attending the dinner this year, for the third year in a row, because the event is “negative” and “boring” — instead declaring his intention to hold a “very positive rally” because he “likes very positive things, okay?” We’re guessing that doesn’t apply to the state of our nation, but whatevs.

But this year, Trump has taken his disdain for the dinner a step farther than he has in the past with a presidential demand that all Trump administration officials boycott the annual fundraising gala as well, which is scheduled for this Saturday, lest they face some pretty serious consequences from Donnie himself.


White House Cabinet Secretary Bill McGinley conveyed this message to agency chiefs of staff today and was clear to point out that the message was coming directly from president Trump himself. While Donald didn’t clearly outline what the consequences of violating this direct order would be, it’s safe to assume that officials best follow it, considering Trump is already clearly on the warpath of vengeance for those that have crossed him in the past — with many losing their jobs without warning.

It’s fairly safe to assume that this is most likely a direct result of the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, and the subsequent, serious talks of impeachment in the air these days. Donald doesn’t want to expose himself to criticism and expects those in his administration to follow his dictatorial suit.

He will instead be visiting Green Bay, Wisconsin on Saturday night for a campaign rally. But if his “super” memory serves him well, he wasn’t exactly received with open arms the last time he hit up that state either.

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