Trump-Loving GOP Rep Hides In Elevator As He’s Confronted By Combat Veterans Over His Support For POTUS

What a COWARD.

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It’s been a rough summer for Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a Republican Congressman from Texas’ 2nd District. He’s tried to play up his combat veteran cred, and usually, it’s not too hard, what with the eye patch and all. But he must have gotten something scratchy under that thing because he has just been cranky for a few months now, and in September, he’s had it worst of all.

First, he had it out with rising Democratic star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over universal background checks after a mass shooting at the beginning of the month, when he suggested that UBCs would prevent him from lending his guns to friends, which prompted a pretty serious response from the New York Congresswoman, making him look very foolish:


A few days ago, in an effort to look tough, Crenshaw tweeted at presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders for “pandering” to veterans in his campaign:

Multiple users had to point out to Crenshaw that Bernie is actually the former Chairman of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee in the Senate, and was instrumental in passing pro-veteran legislation when he was a member of the House of Representatives as well.

But it turns out that Crenshaw may have been the one pandering, if a pair of veterans who confronted him walking through the halls of the House Office Building are correct.

Combat veterans Jason Hurd and Alan Pitts tracked down the Congressman at work and asked him about his support for Donald Trump, a man who loves to take credit for the successes of the military but who never served, and who Hurd and Pitts said was trying to “shred” everything they fought for.

Crenshaw neglected to engage the men, but when the veterans didn’t relent, he became agitated and tried to duck away in a private elevator. The two captured their entire exchange with Crenshaw, who quite honestly has never looked more cowardly:

It’s sad when even the “bravest” of Republican lawmakers can’t withstand the questioning of those they swore to protect or their constituents.

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