Trump Livid After His Attorney Publicly Admits He Misled Americans Over Russia Tower Meeting

More people are coming forward, and Trump can't stop it.

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Donald Trump is still trying to recover from the recent news about the possibility that his son, Donald Trump Jr., could actually go to jail over his infamous meeting with the Russians in the Trump Tower. He’s been flipping out on Twitter all morning over it.

What probably hasn’t helped was a segment on ABC news in which Trump’s own attorney Jay Sekulow spoke to host George Stephanopoulos and made a damning confession during the interview. Trump’s personal attorney basically admitted that he’d misled America about the president’s involvement in the Trump Tower meeting and the reason why Trump Jr. and other officials from Trump’s campaign were meeting with the Russians.

Stephanopoulos had cornered Sekulow by playing a clip of his former statements about the meeting. Sekulow and Trump’s team had been claiming that the Trump was not involved at all in the Trump Tower meeting, which was really set up in order to get damaging information from Trump’s 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton. Trump and his team had been insisting that the meeting was set up to discuss Russian orphans.


Sekulow admitted that when he’d put out a memo about the meeting which denied Trump’s involvement and the reason for the meeting, he’d only been involved in Trump’s legal team for “a couple of weeks.” He said:

There was a lot of information we were gathering. As my colleague Rudy Giuliani said at the time, I had bad information at that time and made a mistake in my statement. I’ve talked about that before. That happens when you have cases like this. I have to say, over time, facts develop.”

You can watch Trump’s lawyer make his confession below:

Judging from Trump’s tweets this morning, the president is nervous as hell over the truth coming out. Everyone on Trump’s team is trying to save themselves now and it’s only a matter of time before Trump gets completely betrayed.

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