Kellyanne Conway Breaks With Trump, Shows Love For The Media

The boss is going to be pretty upset when he finally finishes watching Fox and Friends.

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Appearing on CBS’ Face The Nation Sunday morning, top presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway made a stunning admission that her boss will probably have words for her about the next time he sees her.

Trump’s carefully crafted narrative, cultivated over the course of more than two years — that the media is simply out to get him, and that any negative reporting about him is fake, including polls, actual video or audio recordings of him saying something he would later deny, and even historical facts — has culminated finally in a message he first delivered just a few days ago: That the press is the “enemy of the people,” a phrase used by dictators throughout the ages to vilify opponents without any basis in reality.

But this morning, Trump tweeted that the media can even “start wars,” a statement that host Margaret Brennan took issue with. She asked Conway “what wars have journalists started?”


That’s where our video picks up, and you can see that Conway stares silently for an uncomfortable length of time trying to formulate an answer. Finally, after admonishing cable news reporters for their conduct on social media, saying that their tweets “would not pass even the most virulently anti-Trump editor’s desk,” Brennan hits her with the all-important question:

BRENNAN: And you don’t believe that journalists are the enemy of the people?

CONWAY: I don’t believe journalists are the enemy of the people. I think some journalists are the enemy of the relevant–

BRENNAN: Thank you.”

It’s hard to imagine Trump’s reaction, after he was just forced to explain his own daughter’s similar public statement, but if past is any indicator, we here at DC Tribune figure that Kellyanne will likely just go along with whatever Trump says she meant well after the fact, and probably say it even more convincingly than he does the next time she’s on television.

Watch the exchange here:

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