Trump Just Made A Desperate Move To Save GOP Before Midterms, America Stunned

Did he seriously just do this?!

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Donald Trump and the Republican Party have never been more desperate than they are right now. After completely squandering the opportunity to show America what they could be capable of with a Republican president, the GOP has never been more resented or hated. And despite the fact that he’s still bragging about “winning” and refuses to acknowledge it, Trump knows it.

Earlier today, Trump made a move that proves that he knows the GOP is walking on egg shells ahead of midterm elections. With November approaching fast and desperate to win votes, Trump spoke to reporters in Nevada and made a major announcement that surprised everyone. Trump suggested there would be a “major tax cut” for the middle class, which he would be announcing right before the midterm elections. Trump said:

We’re looking at putting in a very major tax cut for middle-income people. And if we do that, it will be sometime just prior, I would say, to November. A major tax cut. We are going to be putting in and are studying deeply now around the clock a major tax cut for middle-income people. Not for business at all, for middle-income people. Now the last was for middle income and for business, and our business is now coming back because of it. But we are looking at — Kevin Brady‘s working on it Paul Ryan is working. We’re all working on it. And we’re looking at a major tax cut for middle-income people who need it.”

When Trump was asked when this would be announced, Trump revealed that it was definitely a tactic to boost the GOP for midterm elections. He said:


I would say sometime around the 1st of November, maybe a little before that.”

Unfortunately for Trump, America has already seen how he and the Republicans failed with their first round of “tax cuts” and likely won’t accept his empty promises again. You can watch Trump drop this pathetic strategy below:

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