Trump Just Made A Campaign Video Out Of Memorial For Pittsburgh Victims, Shows His Narcissism

This is so horrible, it's hard to put it into words.

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We’ve now written about the tragedy in Pittsburgh more times than we can stomach, and yet somehow Donald Trump keeps making the story and the entire timeline we’re living in even worse — bad enough that we keep having to update.

Now the President has reached a new low. After a week in which white supremacist terrorism claimed the lives of 13 people in America, Trump has done the unthinkable: He not only ignored two of those lives entirely because they were black people, but he turned the memorial for the other 11 dead Americans into something for him to use as a campaign vehicle.

Trump was absolutely appalled that his motorcade was blocked and turned away by protesters, apparently being unaware that there would be protests. It’s hard to imagine how the “bubble” that his handlers keep him in could be small enough to have avoided the major sentiment among Americans regarding the massacre at Tree of Life synagogue — that the President’s own rhetoric is largely to blame for the attack — but he forged on anyway, into the city where he wasn’t wanted, down to the temple where his presence was offensive to the victims.


I might have given him the benefit of the doubt as to his simply being totally unaware that America, and the victims in Squirrel Hill, is furious with him.

Until he released a video on his Twitter that used footage of him and his family visiting the scene of the crime, set to soft music, and intended to highlight his visit which, again, was unwarranted and unwanted. Even that could still be chalked up to blissful obliviousness if it weren’t for the text that accompanied the video:

There it is: The Fake News. So the President KNEW that it was widely reported, accurately and factually, that he was not wanted in the city, and he couldn’t help but tweet about it while STILL doing exactly what the people of Pittsburgh knew he would do — make it all about himself.


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