Trump Just Busted Lying About Crowd Size During El Paso Rally, Gets Called Out By Fire Marshal

This is so pathetic!

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At the pathetic rally Donald Trump and his Republican friends held in El Paso tonight, everyone expected lies. Lies are, after all, the only thing Trump has had to offer in support of his desperate attempt to secure money for a border wall he promised his voters would be paid for by Mexico. Lies are all he’s had to bolster his arguments for the necessity of the wall.

Hell, he lied so much about cities on the border being crime-ridden hellscapes that basically every elected official in the border town of El Paso got together to pass a resolution condemning his awful, racist rhetoric.

But of all the things he could waste America’s time lying about, he’s still stuck on whoppers about how popular he is. Not a single rally has come and gone without Trump fudging the numbers, inflating attendance, falsifying figures of those standing around outside, and just generally trying to make it seem like everyone wants nothing more in life than to see Donald Trump live and in person.


Personally, I’d rather wrestle a boa constrictor, but I guess that’s a personal preference.

Tonight, however, Trump told the crowd variously that there were 8,000, then 10,000, then “tens of thousands,” then 35,000 people at the rally — all from a microphone inside a venue that holds 6,500 people. He told the crowd, in fact, that the place held 8,000 but that the Fire Marshal let in 10,000 people. That’s how convinced he is of his own popularity: He honestly believes that a safety officer whose job it is to keep people alive would risk lives by going over capacity just as a favor for a non-campaign event where he was in town to talk about how terrible the town was.

The more things change OR stay the same, the more Donald Trump lies about them.

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