El Paso Has Brutal Surprise Waiting For Trump

This will be a big shock!

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Donald Trump is holding his terrible “Make America Great Again” rally in El Paso, Texas to rile up his racist supporters and get them to double down with him on his border wall. However, ahead of his arrival, lawmakers in El Paso decided to give him a very humiliating surprise.

El Paso lawmakers have called out Trump’s border lies and passed a resolution that included nearly every elected official in El Paso. Garrett Haake of NBC News reported:

Essentially all of the officials here in El Paso county roundly condemned how the president has been talking about their community. They said his comments about El Paso having been a dangerous city are untrue. His comments about a wall that was built here in 2008, cutting crime here, are untrue. And that they’re worried he’s going to fly into El Paso again tonight and continue to lie about their city. They are so worried, in fact, that the county commissioners and the county judge passed this resolution today in which they say they are disillusioned by President Trump’s lies regarding the border and our committee. I have not seen such an unwelcoming committee for the president and one of his rallies in a very long time.”

In a press conference, Rep. Veronica Escobar said:


We are a very proud community. Unfortunately, President Trump repeated misinformation provided to him by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that El Paso was once one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. and it was the border barrier that made us safe.”

You can watch the report below:

These officials are telling Trump that his lies don’t have any business being in El Paso, and he has no business using it to get his border wall. He is completely unwelcome by the community, and they’re not afraid to tell him.

This will be a big, brutal surprise for Trump to find out ahead of his rally, which is scheduled to start in only a few hours.

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