Trump Jr. Follows Up Dad’s Oval Office Speech With A Racist Statement, Compares Immigrants To Zoo Animals

Junior is just as disgusting as his father.

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You can tell that the Trump family really is of one mind when it comes to immigrants — and that their outlook is absolutely racist.

First we had the President’s speech Tuesday night, which again attempted to paint immigrants seeking refugee status as a “humanitarian crisis,” despite reports from his own Department of Homeland Security that indicate illegal immigration is at a 45-year low. He invoked images of crime and violence over and over, even though statistics from his own Department of Justice show that immigrants, both documented and undocumented, commit crimes, even violent crimes, at a much lower rate than do US citizens.

In short, Donald Trump is a racist, and he wants America to radically change what it means to be the melting pot that we are, and to reject the asylum seekers we’ve been accepting for years due to his own racist views on brown people.


Small wonder where his son Don Jr may have gotten his own racism from, then.

On his Instagram feed Tuesday night following his dad’s speech from the Oval Office, Junior posted one of the most offensive things he’s ever put on social media — and that’s no small feat.


That’s just gross. That’s a direct comparison between animals and immigrants, exactly as his father has done before. In May of last year, the President said “these aren’t people, these are animals” in reference to illegal immigrants in the United States.

Unfortunately for Junior, this social media post is almost even more racist than his father’s prior statements, because now the American public has fresh in its mind the image of immigrant children who were torn away from their parents and locked away in cages — as though the administration saw them as some kind of zoo animals to begin with.

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