Trump Is Literally Golfing Right Now As Hurricane Hits Southern US

Are you surprised?

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It’s certainly no secret that Donald Trump is one selfish bastard. The entire world could be engulfed in flames all around him and he’s still going to be living it up on one of his golf courses with the few “illegal” immigrant employees he hasn’t deported yet, chowing down on some “hamberders” and chatting it up with whatever Jeffrey Epstein-esque blowhard happened to be on the links that day.

So it certainly comes as no surprise that, as we speak, there’s a pretty damn significant hurricane pelting the hell out the southern United States — people are losing their homes, their belongings, possibly even their lives — and where is our president? Why, he’s chumming it up on the golf course, ladies and gentlemen. Where else did you expect him to be? Doing something actually useful?


According to the Trump Golf Count website, this is Donald’s 194th day on the course since he took office, costing the American taxpayers a total of approximately $105,000,000 to date.

Boy, all of that money could really do all Lousiana a hell of a lot of good right about now. But you go ahead and spend your day relaxing there, President Trump. We’re sure they’ll figure it out on their own. God knows virtually no one in this country actually expects you to do your fucking job.

But don’t worry, folks. We’re sure he’ll toss them all a few rolls of paper towels in a few weeks.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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