Photo Of Lindsey Graham At Detention Center Sparks Outrage On Social Media: “He Is Looking At Them Like Zoo Specimens!”

This is as bad as it gets.

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Yesterday, along with Vice President Mike Pence and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham faced an impossible task: Tour the immigrant detention facility in McAllen, Texas without letting on how disgusting, inhumane, and horrible the conditions are there.

Pence opted for the easy route of simply denying that what viewers saw in footage of the tour on every news station in America actually happened. In fact, Pence sounded much like Trump in a tweet that essentially said CNN was lying in their coverage — although the footage of the tour clearly shows captured immigrants shouting about the conditions in the facility, and Pence looking blankly into the distance like an indifferent overlord.

Graham, however, was betrayed by his face, and then confirmed what social media users picked up on from stills of the Senator touring the McAllen detention center: He views these immigrants as animals.


After the Republican tourists finished their safari, they took turns speaking at the facility, each enumerating the changes they might make or how this “problem” could be solved, and Lindsey sounded, sweating and nervous, exactly the way he was being described on Twitter — his comments could just as easily have been about gorillas or elephants as about humans seeking asylum in the United States, a land that once welcomed refugees and immigrants with open arms.

Now we throw them in cages.

Watch the video here:

Featured image via screen capture

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