Trump Is Having Sunday Morning Meltdown On Twitter, Feels The Walls Closing In

Trump is completely losing touch with reality.

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Every time Donald Trump is stuck indoors due to rain while visiting one of his golf courses, you can expect a storm of his own making to come across his Twitter feed. As usual, he’s all over the board, tweeting about Russia, and Hillary, and how much everyone is benefiting from the things he’s done as President (spoiler: they’re not).

Sunday’s tweetfest, however, is a sort of special break with reality because it includes one of the only times Trump has mentioned the actual name of the head of the Special Counsel investigating him, Robert Mueller.

Of course, Trump doesn’t do it personally. I believe the President is far too nervous to actually address the former FBI Director, let alone call him “Bob.” So in true Trump “other people are saying” form, Donald tweeted a quote from noted invertebrate, losing political candidate, and Fox News personality Jeanine Pirro.


You see, Trump really wants to say all of that but in reality, only two of those words belong to the President: “No Collusion!” His ongoing mantra for weeks now, it seems to be the extent of what he can say on the subject of the investigation without getting tongue-tied.

Judge Jeanine is wrong, of course. The investigation began before Christopher Steele was ever hired. Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos met with an Australian ambassador in London in May of 2016 specifically to discuss “dirt” that Russians had on Hillary Clinton, and that ambassador went directly to the FBI. Christopher Steele wasn’t hired for the entirely unrelated campaign-based opposition research he performed until a month later.

Maybe that’s why Trump has such a hard time saying Mueller’s name — he knows he’s lying, and he knows everyone around him is lying to protect him. Either that, or he’s really bad at math.

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