Trump Is Giddy As A Schoolgirl, Wants To Publish His Own Memoir To Expose All His Enemies

Well, this should be... interesting.

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It’s no secret that Donald Trump is seeking some pretty wild retribution against those that have defied him during the days of the Mueller probe — going so far as to demand counter-investigations, termination of employment for those the reported on the issue, and even calling for people to be charged with crimes and lose Pulitzer prizes that they received.

It’s also common knowledge that Donald Trump is sickeningly full of himself. He thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread and birth control and wants everyone to know it. In the mind of Trump, what better way to kill two birds with one stone than to write his own blistering memoir, chock full of conspiracy theories and dementia-fueled paranoia, to expose and destroy all of those that have wronged him?

The Daily Beast reported that has been mulling over the thought since his very first year in office — planning to take the New York Times bestseller list by storm and settle the score once and for all with his very own bombshell memoir.


A source that heard the president talking about writing his own memoir stated, “He sounded excited about it. He said it would sell better than even ‘The Art of the Deal.’” Doesn’t that just ring true to Trump fashion? Arrogant and cocky as hell over something that literally doesn’t even exist yet.

POTUS has been hinting about releasing a tell-all book as retribution against his enemies to those close to him — meaning everyone from the Democratic party, the media, law enforcement, disloyal Republicans, and even members of his own administration that have earned his scorn.

Sources have reported hearing Trump say that certain details would “go great in a book,” he has privately “joked about” publishing a “juicy” book, and has even hinted at the idea publicly — during an October news conference where Trump claimed to have staggering details about sexual misconduct among lawmakers but stated, “I think I’ll save it for a book like everybody else, and I’ll write it. I’m not giving it to you.”

While it’s not uncommon for former presidents to write memoirs about their time in office, Trump managing to actually get his published presents some pretty unique problems — no one is going to want to do it. Most New York-based publishing companies don’t want to lose business by being attached to the Trump name. Not to mention, everyone knows he would be an absolute nightmare to promote.

One source within the industry even stated, “I don’t think he’d be able to keep his mouth shut to have the revelations land at the right moment. But I do think he’d be able to get his supporters to buy it as merchandise.”

Seems like Trump can write all he wants, but good luck getting it out to the public. Maybe he can self-publish?

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