Trump Humiliated After New Acting Attorney General Is Caught Trashing Him, Calls For Tax Returns

Just wait until Trump finds out!

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Donald Trump really doesn’t do any kind of in-depth research when he hires people, and that’s evident in the way his presidency has gone. Continuously flying by the seat of his pants for nearly two years, Trump’s White House has been filled with some of the most unethical, incompetent choices for administration members and it has repeatedly bitten him in the a*s.

Not only has the Trump administration seen the most insane amount of turnover and vacant positions, but the president has repeatedly been ratted out and disrespected by his own inner circle. You’d think The Donald may have learned something about picking better people by now, but considering the latest news that has surfaced about his new acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, it’s clear that he has not.

The Washington Post has uncovered several public comments made by Whitaker before Trump gave him the position — and it turns out that the then-conservative commentator absolutely trashed the president.


It was reported that Whitaker once said Trump was “unlikable,” “outlandish,” and even “dangerous.” More specifically, Whitaker called Trump’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey “self-serving.” In a 2017 radio appearance, Whitaker also said this:

Sometimes I wonder if anybody has the president’s ear or if he just kind of watches news accounts and responds to, which is a little dangerous.”

Whitaker also questioned Trump’s claim that former President Barack Obama ordered the surveillance of Trump Tower:

I don’t know if it was to throw everybody off the trail or what. But it was a little outlandish, to say the least.”

And to top it all off, Whitaker was advocating for Trump to release his tax returns. Now that Whitaker is working for Trump, the emergence of these old comments are certainly going to make the Trump administration an even more awkward place to be. This is truly embarrassing for the president, and he’s likely going to have a tantrum once he finds out.

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