Trump Had Trouble Pronouncing Several Words During Multiple Speeches Throughout The Day

Absurd? THIS is absurd.

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President Trump had an experience that some believe may have been a first for him this week when Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen not only rebuffed his attempt to purchase Greenland itself, but publicly made him look like a fool almost as an aside — when she called his suggestion “absurd,” there was no malice involved, but certainly Trump took it as a personal attack on his intelligence, worldliness, or understanding of global geopolitics.

Any of the three would have been sufficient to spark his ire.

But bolstering the theory that he’s never had a woman publicly humiliate him with a single word before in his 73 years on the planet is his obvious discombobulation at literally every turn since Frederiksen’s statement. It’s as though he is single-minded, focused only on the outrage of having been made a buffoon.


How do we know The Donald is off his game? Well, for starters, the man’s got game on a normal day. Hands up, no YOU listen, I told you to be quiet, control the room game. Literally personified by his actual golf game, which he lies about without hesitation. It’s the space he’s operated in since he first rubbed a pair of quarters together.

That any woman ever pretended to find him attractive in order to cozy up to his fiction-padded bank account undoubtedly only exacerbated the problem.

Trump’s game today was less 9 quick rounds at Bedminster and more 3 quarters of donkey basketball in a middle school gym.

Watch as the normally silver-tongued manipulator in chief mangles such stumpers as “absurd,” “armed forces,” “applicable,” and “obstacles.”

Perhaps if his draft number came up today he might be diagnosed with tongue spurs.

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