Jewish Leaders React After Trump Said Jews Are Disloyal If They Vote For Democrats

They hear echoes of another man's words.

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Watching Donald Trump say insane things either on his social media account or in real life has become something of a national pastime, a game we all play, and each with our various skills: Republicans are masters of ignoring the most awful and incendiary of Trump’s statements, his followers are the true believers who hang on his every word, the cable news pundits excel at treating his outbursts as something we should expect every day, and… well, I deliver them unto you, the faithful reader, with snark and style.

No need for my own take on his latest misstep, however — the people he inadvertently attacked in what turned out to be an extremely accurate comparison to Hitler (as overplayed as that trope is) went ahead and addressed his nonsense themselves. How was it Adolf-esque?

The Jews are not loyal to the State.”

“I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge, or great disloyalty.”

Now, which of those things was said by which man? Well, you know, of course, and so did Jewish leaders in America, who I’m fairly certain heard echoes of a führer in Trump’s words as well.


The fact that Trump unironically accuses Jews of disloyalty to America if they are not lockstep Republicans is even more troubling when one considers the massive swell in anti-Semitism on the right since his inauguration. It’s doublespeak for Republicans to attack “The Squad” — who have consistently and repeatedly denoted “the Netanyahu government” in their criticisms, not “Israel” or “Jews” — when white nationalists are Trump’s primary supporters, and those who cite Trump as an influence are shooting up synagogues.

That’s the official statement of the Executive Director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America. She’s in a position to know — the numbers are in front of her.

Perhaps Trump thinks those numbers should be tattooed on Jews’ wrists.

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