Trump Goes On Friday Morning Rant, Uses His Platform To Suppress Americans’ First Amendment Rights

It's not out of character for this President, but it does display a lack of character.

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It must be football season again because those three little letters are appearing in Donald Trump’s feed once more: NFL.

If it seems like nothing vexes Donald Trump more than watching other rich, famous people “complain” about their lives, don’t let that sit in your head too long. He’s not actually bothered by the protests. Heck, Trump doesn’t know which side of his chest to put his hand on when he recites the pledge of allegiance — if he can even remember the pledge. He certainly can’t recall the words to the national anthem or to “God Bless America” or really anything that doesn’t interest him personally.

No, the pair of tweets Mr. Trump fired off this morning were what we here at DC Tribune call a “dog whistle.”


Trump knows that, because the vast majority of NFL players are black — and an even bigger majority of those protesting are — and because his base is racist, that this is a winning public relations campaign for him.

Let’s hope this season, America doesn’t spend too much time paying attention to his nonsense tweets about it. After all, he’s illegally trying to direct the policy of a private business by using the platform of his elected position, and his base doesn’t want him to get in too much more trouble, right? And people outside of his base know that, as soon as he claims that players are unable to define what they’re protesting, it’s clear he has no idea what he’s talking about in the first place.

So let’s do what Trump hasn’t been able to: Let’s let him have his little protest in protest of protests, and the rest of us can get on with our lives and watch some football.

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