Trump Goes Off Script In Bizarre Rant During Opioid Summit, Americans Fear He’s On Drugs

What the hell is he smoking?

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Donald Trump’s own mental health and suspected drug use have been in question for quite some time now. And considering that he refuses to release any of his medical records, it’s safe to assume that it’s in question for a reason. Trump pretty much validated those concerns today when he went on a bizarre rant during a speech at an event on opioid abuse.

Donald’s tirade began when he claimed that pharmaceutical companies are giving American’s the short end of the stick with higher drug prices than they do to European countries. Trump swore to the crowd that he would put an end to this practice, calling his promise a “big deal.”

“At long last, we’re stopping drug companies in foreign countries from rigging the system,” Trump stated. But then shit got weird. He quickly began a ramble, drawing a comparison between the rigged pharmaceutical companies and the perceived “rigging” that he’s been subjected to.


“I know all about the rigging of the system because I had the system rigged on me,” Trump stated, a thinly veiled reference to the Russia investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. “I think you know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, that will be your soundbite tonight but that’s okay. The system was rigged!”

His crazy ranting combined with yet another instance of his inability to even speak properly throughout the speech is leading the public to question Trump’s mental health yet again. It’s hard to believe that a healthy, sane, sober person would carry on in the fashion that Donald continues to display.

Trump has been accused of drug abuse himself over the past several years and we all know that a question of dementia is weighing heavily on the minds of many Americans. When he does nonsense like this, it’s difficult to ignore.

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