High School Students Show Trump What They Really Think Of Him, Trump Supporters Flip Out

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Supporters of Donald Trump are currently outraged over artwork that was painted on the ceiling tiles of a high school by its students because it pointed out a terrible truth about the current President of the United States.

Students in Advanced Placement classes at Wood River High School in Idaho were permitted to paint the ceiling tiles as an extra-credit assignment, and some of them took it as an opportunity to make a greater statement. One particular tile has infuriated conservatives — right next to a tile that has a drawing of former President Barack Obama’s “hope” campaign poster is a similar tile with an illustration of Trump, but with the word “nope.” Another tile says, “Keep Calm and Overthrow Your Government.”

The artwork went viral when Glenneda Zuiderveld, an ex-Republican candidate for an Idaho House seat, posted a furious Facebook post about it, writing:


If this isn’t evidence that there is more indoctrination than education going on.”

Once images of the tiles were posted, Trump supporters went nuts in the comments. One even suggested telling the Department of Homeland Security about it. Another wrote:

Petition of Remonstrance. Public School cannot Commit the crime of Libel. Defamation of character. Overthrow our government? That’s an act of Treason. Shut that whole school down.”

Idaho House Education Committee Chairman Lance Clow contacted Blaine County School District Superintendent Gwen Carol Holmes for a response, but was severely disappointed by Holmes’ stance on allowing the students to choose what artwork they created:

The students have to justify why their topic resonated with them. I am sorry that the person posting the pictures didn’t take time to note that there are tiles of all persuasions and viewpoints.”

The school’s principal, John Pearce, echoed Holmes’ points and slammed Trump’s supporters for undermining the students’ intelligence:

They can come at it from any direction. It’s their choice—it’s very student led. Any number might be considered conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat. When you’re talking about classes at the AP level, you’re building on high-order thinking processes.

These kids are sharp. They have their own ideas—they’re not just vessels being filled. They’re taking things from their homes, from their communities, and bringing it into the classroom. They can’t help but be topical.”

Unfortunately, Zuiderveld and many others could not be convinced. She wrote:

Justifying is just a feeling. Why do they feel Obama gave hope, Trump is a nope, or they think they must overthrow the government or why they chose Abraham Lincoln? Where is the research and footnotes that give them this opinion?… This is more than art and the teacher and schools know it.”

Deep down, many Trump supporters are hurt by this because they know the students are right.

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