Trump Goes Off On Top Republican For Opposing Kavanaugh Confirmation, Sends Dire Warning

The Republican Party is going after their own now.

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The GOP has been busy attacking the Democrats over the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court, but things haven’t ended there. It turns out that Kavanaugh’s confirmation was such a divisive, controversial issue that the Republican Party is going after their own even after he was confirmed earlier today.

Proving that the GOP’s war on women will always be one of the party’s biggest priorities, Republicans are now trying to get back at the conservatives who had the courage to believe the several women who accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting them. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the rare GOPer who was brave enough to not vote “yes” on Kavanaugh’s confirmation into the Supreme Court, has now come under attack — by the President of the United States.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Trump insulted Murkowski for not being spineless and said she would “never recover.” Trump said:


I think she will never recover from this. I think the people from Alaska will never forgive her for what she did.”

In comparison, Trump praised Rep. Susan Collins for voting “yes” on Kavanaugh:

I think what Susan Collins did for herself was incredibly positive. It showed her to be an honorable, incredible woman. I think she’s got a level of respect that’s unbelievable. I really mean it.”

Trump may not realize it now, but the GOP has screwed itself ahead of November’s midterm elections with this whole Kavanaugh mess. The unhinged president may be telling Murkowski that she’ll “never recover”, but we all know that it’s really the Republican Party that is about to face its own extinction. Much like the president, the GOP has never looked so unhinged, dysfunctional, and undeserving of this country. Trump should enjoy his little “victory” while it lasts because once midterm elections come around, it is going to be a completely different story for Republicans.

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