Trump Explains Why He Mocked Christine Blasey Ford, What He Said Is Unforgivable

Just listening to this will make you furious.

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Much of America is absolutely disgusted by the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court, as well as the roller coaster of events that proceeded his final voting in. After Kavanaugh’s official confirmation, it’s clear that the Republican Party doesn’t care one bit about women or the fact that one in five women are sexually assaulted.

That’s why one of the most infuriating points of this whole thing was when president Donald Trump actually mocked Kavanaugh’s first accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, at a rally because she couldn’t remember every detail of her attack (even though trauma often leads to gaps in memory).

Last night, Trump explained why he’d made fun of Ford as he called into “Judge” Jeanine Pirro’s show after a rally in Kansas. Of course, the subject was all about Kavanaugh’s confirmation.


The entire video is pretty much several minutes of Pirro kissing Trump’s a**, and Trump returning the favor by praising her “beautiful ratings” with some misogyny sprinkled in for good measure. Pirro asked Trump why he’d mocked Ford at his Mississippi rally:

You have a very uncanny instinct. You have a gut sense of things. And you were very disciplined after Christine Ford came out and the left was going wacky. But there was one point where you pivoted at a rally in Mississippi just a few days ago. You went off script and some people said you were extremely unkind to Christine Ford. But what was it that got you to pivot from your restraint about her and to fight for Kavanaugh at that point?”

Trump’s disgusting response was that he attacked her to “even the playing field.”

Well, there were a lot of things happening that weren’t correct, they weren’t true and there were a lot of things that were left unsaid. And I thought I had to even the playing field. It was very unfair to the judge, and now I can very nicely say Justice Kavanaugh. It was a very unfair situation.

So I evened the playing field. Once I did that, it started to sail through. He was treated very, very unfairly, Jeanine.”

It is absolutely disgusting that anyone — much less a PRESIDENT — would think attacking someone who has suffered sexual assault is a good political tactic. And Pirro, who has more internalized misogyny than we can comprehend, just ate it up. You can watch the interview below:

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