Trump Goes Into Misspelled Twitter Rant, Proves He’s Becoming More Unhinged

Trump is totally phoning it in these days, and it's starting to show.

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Donald Trump’s ridiculous endorsements during this primary season all have something in common, and it gets a little funnier every time we see it. In each and every one of them, he touts how “strong on” crime, borders, military, and the Second Amendment whichever candidate he’s currently talking about is.

That would be a decent line to draw between his preferred candidate and their opponents, if the same weren’t true for the Democrats they’re facing. None of the candidates that Trump opposes in these primary races and special elections favors high crime or hates the military, of course.

The problem is, Trump isn’t actually doing any research.


It’s not to say that he can’t assume the Republicans favor his own positions on each of those political issues — what used to be a relatively diverse Republican Party with different takes on different issues has coalesced behind the President into more of a Trumpublican Party.

But the boilerplate tweets he sends end up looking like he just fires them off from behind his bacon egg and cheese biscuit, never glancing twice at what he’s actually saying.

Take today’s, for example:

Notice anything?

At this point, Trump can’t even be bothered to finish the words in his tweets or spell the candidates’ names correctly.

Trump really is phoning it in at this late stage in his presidency — late, of course, because he knows he doesn’t have much time left, and keeping control of the House of Representatives is essentially his only hope of staying in office at all.

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