Trump Flips Coin During Army-Navy Game, The Footage Captures Something Extremely Disturbing About Him

You can never unsee this.

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Yesterday, the President of the United States was in Philadelphia to attend the Army-Navy game and as usual, Donald Trump made a complete fool of himself.

It’s been a hard few days for Trump after Special Counsel Robert Mueller released a memo stating that “Individual 1” (aka Trump) had committed a felony. Trump has been denying it and likely thought he could let off some steam during the game but his actions showed that either the stress is really getting to him, or that he actually has no idea how to perform basic tasks like flipping a coin.

Trump was given the most simple job in the whole game — the coin toss. But when you see what happened, it’s clear that this was even too much to ask of the incompetent POTUS. The whole thing is a mess, from the time Trump threw the coin in the air (in the most awkward way possible) to the moment the coin landed and Trump pointed at it like a toddler, as if the grown adults surrounding him wouldn’t be able to locate it. Watch this moment below — you’ll agree that Trump should never be given this job again.


This footage is making its rounds, and people are making all sorts of guesses about why Trump couldn’t flip the coin like a normal human being. Here are the most hilarious ones:

Everything Trump does is cringeworthy, no matter how small the task is!

Featured image via screen capture

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