Former Prosecutor Reveals Why John Kelly Is Leaving The White House, This Looks Really Bad For Trump

This will devastate Trump.

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There have been several bombshells over the last week regarding Donald Trump and his administration, and none of them look good for the future of Trump’s presidency. Not only did a memo by Special Counsel Robert Mueller state that Trump had committed a felony, but the president’s Chief of Staff John Kelly was recently announced to be leaving the Trump administration.

All of these things are now seemingly interconnected, as former federal prosecutor Michael Moore said on CNN’s New Day this morning. According to Moore, Kelly is stepping down because he can see the “noose tightening” around Trump in Mueller’s investigation.

In an interview with host Victor Blackwell, Moore stated that Kelly knew where all of this was going for Trump, and it is a conscious choice for the Chief of Staff to step out now. Moore said:


I’m particularly interested in the whole Nick Ayers transition. President Trump moving him in, there’s something else afoot there. You can’t read the reports, you can’t read about the congressional testimony — the problems with the testimony — and not expect that we will see little Don Trump indicted for also giving false testimony, and I think the president and his team knows that’s coming down the road.”

Blackwell asked Moore, “So you think there is something more to replacing John Kelly than just the end of, I guess, the line for these two because they’re not on speaking terms.”

Moore stated that Kelly isn’t stepping down just because of his rocky relationship with Trump — Kelly likely knows Trump’s time is limited. Moore said:

Yeah, I think Kelly probably knows that the end is near. We can start to see that the noose is tightening around this. There’s no other reason for him to want to leave, and who would not want to leave the madness that goes on in the administration?

I think you just take all these things in particular, you take the very idea that there seems to be more information coming down both about the business transactions that Don Trump — little Don Trump was involved in. The congressional testimony stuff, and we think the president has been getting some inside information from cooperators’ lawyers during the investigation. You piece all that stuff together and I think you start to see clear panic with no real endgame for the administration.”

Moore is 100 percent correct — this is a calculated move by Kelly, and Trump is hoping America doesn’t see it. You can watch the interview below:

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