Trump Embarrasses Himself In Japan, Wishes Japanese Troops On Japanese Ship A Happy Memorial Day

He just couldn't leave well enough alone.

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Donald Trump has spent the last few days living it up in Japan — enjoying a ceremony complete with a military band and children lined up waving Japanese and American flags, forcing Japan to toss tradition to the curb by refusing to sit on the floor while watching a sumo wrestling match, and even gifting the new emperor an autographed photo of himself.

To wrap up his visit Donald headed aboard a Japanese destroyer just south of Tokyo and was greeted by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Japanese forces.

Prime Minister Abe spoke from the deck of the  J.S. Kaga docked at Yokosuka and talked about the strong alliance enjoyed between the US and Japan — citing the fact that he and Trump were standing on the deck together as evidence of the “robust” nature of their relationship.


Trump, accompanied by first lady Melania, thanked the Japanese forces and spoke on how honored they were to have met the new emperor and empress. During his discourse, he also expressed his condolences to those that were injured when a man attacked commuters, swinging a knife, who were waiting at a bus stop just outside of Tokyo on Tuesday.

At first, it sounds like a job well done for Trump, right? He was polite, dare we say even respectful. And didn’t even make things all awkward and weird. But he just couldn’t leave it alone.

When wrapping up his speech, Trump wished the Japanese troops a “Happy Memorial Day.” This is weird as hell for a couple of reasons. One — the Japanese don’t celebrate American holidays. Two — even if they did, Memorial Day is on a Monday, and it was Tuesday in Japan.

Add that to the whole Barack Obama/Pearl Harbor tweet that was dug up on him while he was visiting Japan, and he’s going to leave the country looking just as ignorant and awkward as he always has.

You can watch the clip here:

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