Trump Complained President Obama Didn’t Have Flags In Oval House, Twitter Busted Him In Lie With Perfect Image

What an idiotic thing to say.

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The hits from that train wreck of a low-ratings interview Trump did with ABC just keep on coming. Clip by clip, Trump looks more and more like an absolute troll, and I don’t just mean the kind that leaves moronic comments on Facebook and Twitter posts. I mean straight-up cave-dwelling, club-swinging, half-witted troll.

In addition to throwing his chief of staff out of the room for coughing and pretending like he knew some secret about 9/11, all while more people watched GOLF on television than the show he was doing, Trump peppered the interview with countless examples of those meaningless lies that he doesn’t have to tell, but does anyway. Like, imagine a ten-year-old on the playground claiming his brother’s a black belt — those kinds of lies.

As usual, there were plenty, but one that really stuck out was dumber than most of the meaningless lies he tells, and it was about office decor:


You didn’t have flags to any great degree. You had an American flag, but for the most part you didn’t have flags. Uh, it’s quite a bit different than President Obama.”

I mean, we get it. He’s “other”-ing Obama again, claiming he wasn’t really patriotic, pulling that post-9/11 Republican horseshit about flags, we totally get it. Trump is a perfect example of how the flag is actually just a symbol and doesn’t have much meaning by itself, because the way he goes on and on about kneeling in front of them and making the burning of them illegal and now claiming he’s a better President than Obama because he has more flags.

Thing is, though, he’s full of shit.

In fact, the flags look, um, like they haven’t even moved, despite the staff changing the drapes:

In FACT, the only difference between these pictures seems to be that Obama’s desk is covered in work and Trump’s is covered in what appears to be copies of an electoral map marking the counties he won in 2016.

Go figure.

Featured image via screen capture

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