Staff Members Trump Abruptly Fired From Golf Club Plan To Crash His Florida Rally

They're certainly not coming to celebrate!

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Donald Trump will be holding a reelection campaign rally in Orlando, Florida tomorrow and of course, he is pumping it up to be a real rager. But things may not turn out as peaceful and Trump-loving as Donald is expecting — because when do they ever, considering everyone hates him? — as a group of several undocumented immigrants that were abruptly fired from Trump’s New Jersey and New York golf clubs will be holding a press conference to speak out against the corrupt president ahead of his kickoff rally tomorrow.

The legal representative for the immigrants, lawyer Anibal Romero, has stated that the press conference’s purpose is to advocate for immigration reform as they believe that Donald will once again make immigration the selling point of his campaign, and will be held in the same city the same day as Trump’s rally.

“These employees who work for Donald Trump represent hundreds of people who have worked for Donald Trump as undocumented immigrants, and it shows how the administration can easily vilify and demonize immigrants and yet has no problem hiring them,” Romero scathingly stated.


Romero says that he currently represents 44 undocumented immigrants that were formerly employees of the Trump Organization — many of whom were abruptly terminated after they chose to speak out on their experiences as a Trump employee.

Trump has built both his campaigns as well as his laughable presidency on the promise of some of the strictest immigration laws this country has ever seen. Yet it seems that he’s had no issue at all with not only hiring them but treating them like garbage, only to toss them to the wolves once he’s been caught. Making him a huge contributor to the very same “problem” he’s supposedly working so hard to stop.

“It’s been four years since he first launched his campaign and talked about immigrants, well you know, they’re still here and they apparently have been working for him,” Romero stated. “I think Americans needs to know, and he knows himself, that these people are good workers.”

“We believe that the Trump Administration has used immigrants to divide this country and we believe that once Congress can put legislation to legalize them, this problem will be fixed and we can finally end this immigration debate,” the attorney continued.

“It’s very easy to demonize immigrants when they’re not allowed to respond,” Romero blistered. “They will be there and will respond.”

You heard the man, Trump. They will be there.

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