Trump Claims There Are People Who Think He’s “A Stable Genius” Says He Watches His Words “Very Carefully”

Whoever's supposed to be babysitting him today, you're really slacking!

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For someone as downright idiotic as Donald Trump is, he really, really, really wants us all to believe that he’s some sort of Einstein.

As he near constantly makes a complete ass out of himself at every given opportunity, whether it be on Twitter, in private, or in public, he’s almost always simultaneously bragging about how smart he is.

And I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the saying about dudes that… Ahem… Brag, but it’s not in their favor.


The same goes for Trump and his smart points.

The man literally can’t type a Twitter status that’s both coherent and grammatically correct at the same time and his speeches are generally so unhinged that they’re worthy of a padded room and a jacket that makes him hug himself real tight. There have been numerous occasions where you literally just couldn’t understand what he was trying to say.

And while it’s funny for us, it’s probably also some serious dementia that he really ought to get checked out.

But whatever it is that’s causing Trump’s erratic behavior and all-around ridiculousness, the formal impeachment inquiry that House Democrats opened against him last week is kicking it into high gear.

And when his crazy get’s turned up, his ego is soon to follow.

During an address from the White House this afternoon, Donnie went on yet another ridiculous rant against the House Dems for exercising their congressional and constitutional rights. In the process of this speech he quadrupled down on his most favorite old claim — he’s a “very stable genius.”

After ranting about Rep. Adam Schiff for a moment, Donald hilariously stated, “You know I, believe it or not, I watch my words very carefully.”

Go ahead and catch your breath from the laughter real quick. Cause there’s more.

“There are those that think I’m a very stable genius,” he claimed. “Okay?”

“I watch my words very, very closely.”

Someone tell him that making duck lips in the mirror as the bullshit flows forth from his mouth does not constitute “watching your words.”

You can watch the clip here:

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