Former Trump Supporter Expresses His Anger After He Finds Out POTUS Wants To Take Away His Health Insurance

One by one, they wake up.

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Healthcare will always be a major issue in America especially considering that millions still go without the decent healthcare they are entitled to. Republicans in Congress continue to try to rip apart what they can of the Affordable Care Act, and it seems like deductibles and premiums continue to creep higher.

Republican voters, however, seem to be catching on that their healthcare isn’t getting better under Trump.

Don Riscoe, a Republican, spoke with Don Lemon and explained what would happen if the ACA was repealed. His reaction and answer were shocking.


We probably won’t be insured. We won’t be insured if Obamacare goes away. We won’t be able to afford premiums… I know we can’t afford it; it’s over $1,000 a month… We wouldn’t be able to afford coverage without the Affordable Care Act.”

What was really moving, though, is that he said all of that with tears in his eyes.

When asked why he voted for Trump, he explained:

Because, I think that, hopefully, they will bring about something that will be fiscally sound and will last. I do think that Obamacare does have problems that we do need to get fixed I hope that there’s something that will be in place so that we can still have coverage for myself and a lot of others.”

With the clusterfuck going on with the Ukraine scandal in the White House, it’s a fortunate thing that Trump really doesn’t have the time to focus on issuing a death sentence to many Americans. However, with all of that said, there’s no telling what goes on behind closed doors in Congress.

Furthermore, people are still dying from rationing their insulin because they can’t afford the astronomical prices of a medication that costs less than $10 to produce.

It’s difficult to feel any sympathy for people like Riscoe; however, Republicans have life-threatening illnesses, too. Their children also have life-threatening illnesses, and no child should be punished for the ignorance of their parents.

Because of the fear of the big “S” word (socialism), Republicans would rather fuck over people out of fear that they’ll have to pay in more in taxes. What they don’t get is we don’t want to become Venezuela. We just want to be able to go to the damn doctor.

You can watch a clip from Lemon’s interview with Riscoe below.

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